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Connecting communities, the cataloging work at the CDI

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Maria del Carmen
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Ordoño Vidaña
Comisión Nacional para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas
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spoken paper
9 October Thursday
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CFB Auditorium

The CDI* is an Institution specialized in the attention to the indigenous groups of Mexico. Among its activities has documented the making of these peoples, the purposes and ways in which these records have been catalogued, have changed according to the historical cultural context, as well as technological.
Currently the documentation of phonograms has the vision and the goal of bring closer the different communities and cultures by means of language, technology, knowledge and dissemination. To achieve this, we are currently working on different parallel planes, among them are: training in the use of technology, the adequacy of the technologies themselves and how to rapprochement to know the different cultures of the country and achieve an adequate description of contents.
This has led us to develop own unique tools in the country, which are disseminated within the institution with the help of manuals, workshops, courses and counselling both in situ and remotely.
*National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples