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Making headway through Sound audiovisual archives: Utilising technology to connect and enhance access to information in Zimbabwe

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Harare Polytechnic School of Information Science
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7 October Tuesday
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CFB Reception area

Sound Audiovisual archives are key components of a nations cultural heritage critical in capturing, storing, disseminating and preserving society’s sound and audiovisual archives to assist researchers, educationists or scholars and general public to have reliable and convenient access. Sound audiovisual archives are critical component of nation’s cultural heritage which should be preserved in analogue and digital formats for posterity. Sound audiovisual heritage is significant in determining the future and this is why it is crucial to invest in the development of viable and vibrant Sound and Audiovisual Archives. The paper will explore the challenges and opportunities facing National Archives in providing vibrant and viable Sound audiovisual archives. It will highlight the technologies that currently available to leverage Sound Audiovisual Archives in Zimbabwe. This paper will highlight the role of the memory institutions in capturing the nation’s collective memory through Sound and Audiovisual Archives. It will also explore the potential of the Sound and Audio Archives in sustaining the nation’s oral and aural culture. The writer will explore the strategies that are in place to enhance the value of Sound and Audio- Visual Archives in leveraging local culture. It will explore the extent to which National Archives of Zimbabwe in promoting Sound and Audiovisual Archives through its oral history programmes. The paper will also examine the role of the National Archives in developing Sound and Audio-Visual Archives through using modern technology to promote culture, research and education. The paper will explore the extent to which Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s) contribute towards convergence of Sound and Audiovisual Archives and related institutions like libraries and related institutions. The paper will explore the extent to which the National Archives has developed its Sound and Audiovisual services to meet the needs of clients from diverse backgrounds including media, research, and education in the context of knowledge economy.